Neil Island of Andamans
16 May 2024

Explore the scenic beauty of Neil Island of Andamans

Andaman and Nicobar Island is the most beautiful island in India. The calmness of the beaches here and the waves rising in the far-flung sea fascinate everyone and make it one of the favorite holiday destinations for tourists. Something similar is Neil Island (also known as Shaheed Dweep)located here, which is a small but very beautiful island spread over 37 square kilometers. It is situated to the south of Andaman. Due to the coral reef and excellent biodiversity, it is also very popular like Andaman. Let’s start by learning about more interesting things about this beautiful island.



How to Reach Neil Island?

The closest airport to Neil Island is Veer Savarkar International Airport at Port Blair. From the airport, you can easily take a helicopter or ferry ride to Neil Island which is 25 km away from the airport.

Another way to reach Neil Island is by taking ferry rides from other nearby islands such as Havelock to Neil Island, Port Blair to Neil Island, etc. The government also provides helicopter die service along with ferry services, and a helicopter ride is the fastest way to reach Neil Island from Port Blair.

Best Time to Visit Neil Island

The ideal time to visit this beautiful place is during the winter months - December, January, and February. Around this time, the weather is quite enjoyable and the temperature fluctuates between 22°C and 30°C. Due to its coastal climate nature, Neil Island rarely sees any changes.

Places to Visit in Neil Island -

There are so many notable gorgeous, scenic beaches with white sands in Neil Island, with astonishing views of clear blue skies. During monsoons, the sky becomes way too dramatic and is considered to be the most beautiful scenic beauty of the Island.

Some of the beaches are -

?     Laxmanpur Beach

?     Bharatpur Beach

?     Sitapur Beach

?     Sir Hugh Rose Island

Famous attractions of Neil Island

Vegetable Bowl of Neil Island

As Havelock Island is famous for its seafood, Neil Island is famous for its fresh and vegetarian meals, which made foodies consider it as a Vegetable bowl of Andaman.

Apart from vegetarian food, you can also find Chinese, Italian, Nepali, and continental cuisines at Neil Island.

 Trekking at Howrah Bridge

You may have heard of the Howrah Bridge of Kolkata but Neil Island also has its own Howrah Bridge. This natural bridge made of two big stones is one of the famous attractions of Neil Island. Howrah Bridge has an arch-like structure which made it feel like a bridge. This place is perfect for adrenaline junkies, as you can trek to the tip that goes through the small artificial garden and muddy path at Howrah. This activity is not available during monsoon season.

Ride on a glass floor boat

Glass-bottom boating is a quite popular activity on Neil Island, many tourists come to Neil Island to enjoy this ride. This activity is perfect for those who are scared of getting underwater. You can enjoy the beautiful marine life and coral reefs at Bharatpur Beach. There is a huge variety of colorful coral at this beach and it’s a must-visit spot on Neil Island for angling and fishing.

Marine Turtles

Neil Island makes the perfect nesting ground for marine turtles. The untouched beauty of the island makes the blue water a cozy home for wandering turtles. These turtles can be found in abundance at High Rose Island and this island is a protected region, so you might need permits for visiting.

Adventurous activities in Neil Island

?     Scuba Diving - This island is quite famous for Scuba diving along the beautiful colored coral reefs and marine life.

?     Jet Skiing - Enjoy a thrilling experience of skiing off the coast of Bharatpur Beach and enjoy the clear crystal blue water. 

Traveling around Neil Island

Just like any other beach in India, it's easy to explore Neil Island as well. You can easily find scooters for rides over the city. Rental cars and jeeps option available for groups. Some resorts also provide chauffeur or guide services as well.

Neil Island Andaman is really a must go-place if you are planning Andaman Trip. Enjoy the marine life and natural beauty of the untouched island. Experience the thrill with adventurous activities and make unforgettable memories. So, What are waiting for? Start looking for Andaman packages and don’t forget to check the for budget-friendly Andaman tour packages.



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