16 May 2024

Zipline in Munnar A Thrilling Experience

Ziplining is one of the most demanded and thrilling activities to experience the natural beauty of the area from above, providing you with an exhilarating and memorable adventure. And you can enjoy this adventurous activity in Munnar, i.e., Zipline Munnar located in the beautiful town of Munnar. This zipline holds the title of being the Longest Zipline in the Country, with a length of 1800 meters. It involves sliding along a cable or rope, usually suspended between two points while being securely harnessed to a pulley system. It offers an exhilarating experience and a unique way to enjoy beautiful landscapes and breathtaking views that will leave you spellbound.

Whether you are looking for a thrilling experience with friends or family or just want to beat the thirst of your inner wanderlust, the zipline adventure in Munnar is the perfect option for you to enjoy your Kerala trip along with time-time memories that will stay with you. Here’s a short guide about zipline activity that will help you to know more about this adventure-


About the Activity-


Embark on a 1-hour zipline adventure in Munnar under proper training and safety.


?     Firstly, you’ll receive a briefing about the activity and proper training through a senior trained instructor who will guide you through each and every step of this activity.

?     Secondly, proper safety equipment will be provided to you to ensure no mishappening occurs during the ride.

?     If you are opting for a normal zip line, you’ll go up to 250m long and have ample time to soak the natural beauty of Munnar from the high sky and enjoy the splendid and panoramic views of Munnar.


?     If you are looking for something more adventurous and sheer-thrilling, then you can opt for India’s longest zipline which goes up to 1800m. This exhilarating option will definitely satisfy the adventurous craving.


Cost for Zipline in Munnar-


Munnar zipline cost varies depending upon the type of zipline you choose -






Ticket Price

Normal Zip line in Munnar

450 INR/Per Person

(Experience the thrill of 250m zipline)

Longest Zip line in Munnar

2000 INR/Per Person

(Experience the thrill with 1800m zipline)


The ticket price includes the safety equipment required during this activity such as helmets and harnesses, also the package includes briefing sessions from trained instructors.

Longest Zipline in Munnar

Munnar's longest zipline is known as the “Eagle’s Flight” Zipline. This zipline holds the title of India’s Longest Zipline. If you are a real adventure enthusiast, then this soar-high above the scenic landscapes of Munnar is a treasure for you. This zipline stretches over 1.5km, gliding through the air and enjoying the breathtaking view of misty mountains, cascading waterfalls, and lush green valleys which make Kerala a popular holiday destination.

This ride takes around 1 hour which involves crossing three hills and a ending point at the top of one of these peaks. Overall, if you want to satisfy the adrenaline rush inside you, this activity is a must-go. Whenever you plan your next trip to Kerala, make sure to include the Zipline activity in your things to-do list.

Things you should know before planning for Ziplining in Munnar-

?     To experience the zipline activity in Munnar, you should be above 15 years of age with a weight under 90kg, and physically fit.

?     The minimum height requirement for this activity is 4’7”.

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