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16 May 2024

10 Planning Mistakes Tourists Make for an Andaman Trip

Planning a trip to the Andaman Islands can be an exciting experience! But you should remember a few things to avoid making mistakes while enjoying your Andaman holidays. Here are the 10 common mistakes tourists make while planning for the Andaman and Nicobar Islands trip.


Planning for a short duration

If you don’t carefully arrange your stay, you’ll lose out on a lot of what there is to see and explore in the Andaman Islands. To really experience Andaman and everything it has to offer, you’ll need at least 5 days.

Not Packing the Right Clothes

Many of you might be unsure what to wear while visiting the Andaman Islands. Remember that you are in a tropical area. Most of your time will be spent at the beaches that make up these islands.

Not Booking in Advance

Making a reservation is always a critical choice. We have a little advice because many people could struggle with this method of travel preparation. Booking your accommodations, ferries, and return flights in advance will relieve some of your travel-related stress, while you are there. Booking your subsequent visit won’t be stressful.

Expecting fast internet everywhere

You won’t have a functioning data network or wifi. Regarding connectivity, only the bare minimum should be expected. This means there will be virtually no video calls, WhatsApp, Instagramming, etc. However, you can opt for a Wi-Fi facility while choosing your accommodation booking for an Andaman trip.

Not carrying essential Medicines

Many guests assume that they will have any necessary medical supplies and do not bring their own. Keep in mind that the majority of goods in Andaman are imported from the mainland. Dispute being fully supplied, supplies can run out during emergencies. Of course, this is the worst-case situation. Bring the necessities with you and if you can, carry a first aid kit to be on the safe side. Being safe is preferable to being sorry.

Expecting  Luxury Cruises

There aren’t any luxurious cruise ships available, unlike several well-liked beach locations. Ferries, often known as Catamarans. Are designed for travel between islands overnight stays are not permitted. They only last a few hours. Some liveaboards are available, but you must make reservations in advance.

Expecting Andamans are exclusively for honeymooners only

The romantic trend began in or around 2016 when new eateries opened and blogs began to discuss romantic locations in the Andaman, before that, and unquestionably so today. Andaman was all about families, travelers, and adventure seekers. Therefore, Andaman would be a perfect vacation destination if you are a solo traveler, senior person, parent with young children or backpacker.

Not all Indian SIMs work there

The internet is also used here, even if the network may be a problem most of the time. Bring BSNL sims if at all feasible because they function best. As previously said, there is no assurance of a strong internet connection. So do not place your hopes on it.

Thinking Andaman is all about Water Sports

No, water sports are not all that Andaman is about. There are lots of things you can partake in if they are not your cup of tea, even though skipping them would mean missing out on a crucial aspect of your vacation. Everyone’s tastes are catered to in Andaman, so you’ll undoubtedly find something to your taste.

Thinking Andaman is Expensive

The majority of visitors to Andaman make this error without a doubt, Andaman is accessible to anyone. All pricing ranges are catered for in terms of the activities, lodging, and overall costs. The majority of your spending comes from your travel plans and lodging selections.

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Planning a trip to the Andaman Islands can be a very pleasant experience. However, there are a few things to keep in mind to avoid making mistakes while enjoying your vacation in Andaman. Here are 10 common mistakes travelers make when planning a trip to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Short term plan

If you don't plan your visit carefully, you'll miss out on many of the Andaman Islands' attractions and activities. You need at least 5 days to really experience Andaman and it all.

Not packing the right clothes

Many people may not know what to wear when visiting the Andaman Islands. Remember we are in the tropics. You will spend most of your time on the beaches of these islands.

Do not book in advance

A reservation is always an important decision. A lot of people may have a hard time preparing for this kind of trip, so I have a little advice. Pre-booking accommodation, ferries, and round-trip flights can reduce travel-related stress during your stay. You can make your next reservation without stress.

Expect fast internet everywhere

No data network or WiFi available. When it comes to connectivity, only the bare minimum is expected. That means virtually no video calls, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. However, you can also opt for the WiFi feature when booking your accommodation for your trip to Andaman. Do not carry necessary medicines

Many guests assume they have all the medical supplies they need and don't bring their own. Please note that most goods in Andaman are imported from the mainland. A full supply can create a bottleneck in an emergency. Of course this is the worst possible situation. Bring your essentials and, if possible, a first aid kit for safety. Better to be safe than sorry.

Expect a luxury cruise

Unlike some popular beach resorts, there are no luxury cruise ships. A ferry, also known as a catamaran. Designed for inter-island travel. Accommodation is not possible. They last only a few hours. Some liveaboards are available, but must be booked in advance.

Andaman only accepts honeymooners

The romantic trend started around 2016 when a new restaurant opened and she started discussing romantic spots in Andaman on her blog. Before that, and certainly now. Andaman was filled with her family, travelers and adventure seekers. Andaman would therefore be a perfect holiday destination for solo travelers, senior citizens, parents with small children and backpackers.

Not all indian girlfriend sim cards work there

The internet is also used here, but most of the time there are network problems. If possible, bring a BSNL shim that works best for you. As mentioned above, a strong internet connection is not guaranteed. So don't get your hopes up.

Speaking of Andaman is water sports

No, Andaman isn't all about water sports. There are many things you can participate in if you're not interested, but if you skip them, you're missing out on an important aspect of your vacation. Andaman has something for everyone and you are sure to find something to suit your taste.

I think Andaman is expensive

The majority of visitors to Andaman definitely make this mistake, but Andaman is accessible to all. All price ranges are covered in terms of activities, accommodation and total costs. Most of the spending comes from travel planning and accommodation choices.

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